Avento Skywalker Is it worth the price?

Avento Skywalker – your very own handy elliptical machine. Find quality gym equipment at the right price! Nationwide delivery offered. Making Life Easy!

Is it worth the price? I can easily say YES! For just Php 3,995 + delivery charge, the material of Avento Skywalker is of high quality. It is made with high quality metal that weighs around 13 kilos. I’m no expert with exercise equipment but looking at the stability of Skywalker I think that this product will last for years.

Just a tip, stay tuned to O-shopping for their seasonal promo. For Pho 3,995.00 I got my Skywalker with free non-stick frying pan.

Is it really convenient? Considering our home is not that big and I can store the product easily, another yes!, it very convientient and doesnt need big space.

Is it hard to assemble? All tools are provided and the manual is easy to understand.

Is it effective in loosing weight? This question actually depends on how frequent you will use it. Like the simple running you will not loose weight if you are not consistent.

How about delivery time? O-shopping delivers really fast. Given that I ordered during Christmas season, the product arrived just in time.

Overall, I can say that Avento Skywalker is a product for busy people and those who are living with their parents. Older people will not have a hard time using this product. Skywalker is easy use and will definitely help you be healthy in a convenient way. Investment is worth it.



At your own pace, at your own time – the Avento Skywalker will help you reach your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home.

Additional Information

Components One (1) Main Frame, One (1) Knob, One (1) Circular and Allen Wrench, Two (2) Handle Bars, One (1) Holder, One (1) Monitor
Weight 13.5 kg
Size 136cm x 78cm x 42cm
Max User 100kg (220lbs)
Material Steel, Plastic, Rubber
Warranty 7-day exchange policy


The warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Abuse and misuse.
  2. Intentionally scratching or causing damage to the product
  3. Normal wear and tear.


Avento Skywalker
Avento Skywalker

Brand and Quality

  • Similar to using a treadmill or elliptical; same manner as walking/running
  • Allows you to run around 6-8 kph
  • Workout in the comfort of your own home; no need to travel to the gym or suffer unfavorable weather conditions
  • Has minimal to no impact on your knees, which prevents injury.
  • Safe for elderly and recovering medical patients needing physical therapy
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Lighter than most regular exercise machines
  • Regular use greatly improves cardiovascular health
  • Tones the arms and legs, as well as the core (abs)
  • Foldable feature
Avento Skywalker
  • Avento Skywalker
  • Avento Skywalker

Use your feet to move backward or forward. Move your hands the same way!

  • Avento Skywalker
  • Avento Skywalker

Do the half squat and stand for more challenge!


To fold, simply twist the knob (which locks the machine in place) and remove.

Insert it back if you wish to use the machine again.

Folded Size: 154cm x 50cm x 42cm

Avento Skywalker



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