Indicators Given By Eyes That Tell You About Your Health

Eyes are made of eyelids, iris, pupil, eyelashes and whites of the eyes. Eyes are equal to a god-gift. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to savor the beauty of the nature around and life in general. However, like every good thing we do not take due care of it. We subject them to every type of hazard from UV rays in the sun to the harmful electromagnetic waves in smart phones, tablets, reading devices, laptops and what not. Then there are people working in industrial areas that are subject to eye disorders because of their work profile. People residing in these areas are also exposed to irritants that harm the eyes and respiratory tract. There are many more minor and major disorders and diseases related to eyes that can show you a mirror to your health. Try to notice them and take due steps for preventing its re-occurrence.


When the eyebrow hair starts getting thinner and thinner it is a cause of concern. The thinning of eyebrows could be because of various thyroid issues like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, Graves’ Disease etc. It would do you well, if you have your thyroid checked, if you notice excess thin lines of eyebrows.

Unclear vision 

our vision becomes increasingly unclear and blurry. That is a clear indication of beginning of diabetes in the person. So, in event of a blurred or unclear vision, the person should have a sugar test done as that can prevent further complications like diabetic retinopathy and blindness.


A sty in the eye is usually a red lump formed below the eyes, near the eyelid. It usually goes away in a few days, but if it lasts for more than it should then it is a sign of cancerous tumors of the eyes. You can make use of warm compress to make it go away. If it doesn’t then you ought to see an eye doctor.

Double vision 

Double vision or having a dim vision, both are equally dangerous. Both of these symptoms could be a sign of stroke. You can identify double vision not only by means of seeing 2 objects when the object in reality is singular.

Golden-brown eye discoloration 

Wilson’s disease is a disease where the region near the iris becomes golden-brown in color because of copper buildup. Copper is an essential ingredient for development of bones, nerves, skin and other organs. The buildup happens when there is improper excretion from the body.

Yellow eyes 

Yellow eyes occur because of buildup of bilirubin in the eyes. The white area in the eyes gets yellow. This condition can happen in adults and new-borns alike. Yellow eyes spell possibility of jaundice and liver failure in the person. Yellow eyes


When a person has a pale conjunctiva that is a sure sign of anemia. The color of the conjunctiva in normal people is pink. If yours is paler than normal people, then that points towards a below normal hemoglobin.

Moving on, from the major disorders, following given are the indicators of lesser serious disorders:

Eye twitch 

Twitched eyes are nothing to lose sleep about. Twitching to put in simple terms is the occurrence of spasms in eye muscles. These spasms are painless and not harmful as well. However, if they are accompanied with facial spasms then that could mean movement disorders like myoclonus, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Bell’s palsy. Lack of sleep, fatigue, eye irritation, strained eyes, stress are a few common reasons that trigger eye twitches.

Dry eyes 

This is a very common and minor disorder present among people working the whole day on computers or laptops.

Droopy eyes

Drooped eyes happen with age. However, if the eyelids fall to a lower than normal position then that is cause for concern. This condition is also known as Ptosis. When one is not able to see properly without raising his or her eyebrows, he or she should see an eye doctor soon.

Strained eyes 

This is another example of disorders that happen in day-to-day life of working professionals. Eye strain can bring about many different vision disorders like double vision, blurred vision, dry eyes, even when it does not cause any permanent damage to your eyes.

Make sure to notice the small signs eyes provide you with which could be an indicator for your overall health too. Having regular eye checkups is extremely helpful and essential for preventing eye diseases. That also helps in diagnosing any underlying vision problems and issues. Eating more of Vitamin A through your foods and supplements in day-to-day life also helps in improving your vision. Click here to find out the top eye hospitals in India. Thar would help you in locating the most suitable ones in your city as well.