Top 10 Best X-Men Heroes

With Deadpool 2 due out in theaters this weekend, the X-Men franchise is quietly entrenching itself as one of the longest running franchises in film today.  The X-Men films aren’t exactly as streamlined as those in the MCU (different timelines along with different actors playing each character certainly doesn’t help, and Deadpool is having a ball making fun of that fact), but it has still led to some pretty great films over the years, and the rise of Deadpool will help the X-Men continue into the future…until Disney gets involved and changes everything.

Deadpool himself doesn’t necessarily want to get tangled up with the X-Men, but he’s certainly cut from the same cloth, and he’s a hero whether he likes it or not.  But where exactly does each hero rank compared to each other?  Austin Burke looked to answer that question.


To see where Austin Burke ranks your favorite X-person, watch the video above.

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