This Time I’ll Be Sweeter 2017

Erika already had her heart broken the first time she met Tristan. When they meet the second time around, will she decide to open her heart again and give love a second chance?

Genre: Drama, Romance, Tagalog
Director: Joel Lamangan
Country: Philippines
Duration: 104 min
Quality: HD Rip
Release: 2017
IMDb: 9.2
Actors: Akihiro Blanco, Ara Mina, Barbie Forteza, Fiona Yang, Hiro Peralta, Jai Agpangan, John Leo Limbo, Ken Chan, Khaki Ramirez, Kim Rodriguez, Neil Ryan Sese, Rey PJ Abellana, Rosalind Wee, Thea Tolentino, Yayo Aguila